For over three decades, Troy Caldwell has been a shepherd of souls. From 1981 through August of 2000, he practiced this shepherding in the Dallas/Richardson/ Garland/Plano, North Texas area as a full-time psychiatrist. While practicing, he learned much though his role as a psychotherapist and medical healer.  In addition he was privileged to study and ultimately teach the ancient traditions of soul work called Spiritual Direction. Then, in 2000, he reduced his psychiatry schedule to part-time in order to focus more of his attention seeing people for spiritual direction exclusively.
     Spiritual Direction is a tradition found in the Christian and other faiths which facilitates a person's growth as they seek for and obtain the experience God in the inner life. Sometimes this effort is also termed "Spiritual Formation". Some think of it as a mentoring in mystical life. Others describe it as soul friending. Dr. Caldwell has studied this for many years through the direction of Anglican, Catholic, Navigator, and independent spiritual leaders. His formal education in spiritual direction is through the Anglican School of Theology in Dallas. In 1998, he was invited by the Anglican School to co-lead their course in Spiritual Direction. Some of his teaching materials are included on this site. 
   Those unfamiliar with Spiritual Direction may enjoy watching this 2010  PBS Video on Spiritual Direction from Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. Also, be sure and read the web page essay What is Spiritual Direction?
    For inquiries about spiritual direction, please contact Dr. Caldwell  at 972-231-4469 or write . You may also profit from the extensive audio class on spiritual theology titled The Growth and Development of the Inner Christian. Please also try the other links at the top of this page.  Most of the resources on this site are found on the link SPIRITUALITY TEACHING.”
Although spiritual direction is best done in person, it may be pursued profitably through phone visits or Skype/FaceTime as well.